In the summer of 2017, we were offered a chance to apply to do work experience facilitated by Global Academy. I was offered to go to Capital Liverpool for two days, helping to produce Capital Breakfast with Adam, Gemma and Dylan, and staying during the afternoon. This was perfect because I've been there before Global Academy and I'm from Liverpool myself.

I started off helping archiving links through a system called Glog2Glam where I was able to get a feed of their output and a clean feed of the mics and the phone line which could be used to create promos and loading it into Genesys playout system. I started to archive some live reads. I also grabbed clean feed links, which I edited together for the breakfast promos. I made two variations one that says 'This Morning' and one that says 'Tomorrow' that sounded similar but to be played out at different times.

I also got to experience going out with the breakfast team and film for a promoted video for Fusion Festival 2017. I assisted the producer in helping him get a different angle on shots. This video was shared across social media.

I also was lucky enough as well to observe Graeme Smith in his Drive show and I learnt a lot what he does in the planning and prep during his links.

Image of me at Capital Liverpool

Capital Liverpool work experience

August 2017