While I studied at Global Academy, I volunteered at the student radio station, Youths Choice. By doing this I gained more skills and experience to succeed in the media and entertainment industry. I got to do many job roles from presenting, producing to music scheduling and even helping out with social media!

I started off before the launch by helping out creating the social media handles, making sure we had consistent handles across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I then moved on to being part of the playlist team which met every Thursday morning that discussed what we should play more of or play less/drop. I did all the song metadata using the playout system Zetta by adding intros, outros, hooks and segway markers to tell the system where they should segway into a sweeper. So the station sounded very clean and slick.

During my second year at Global Academy, I started going more in depth with the playout system and the backend using GSelector to code songs, creating clocks, categorising/sorting the playlist. I was appointed Head of Music and Programming of the station which was great because I have a real passion for music and radio. I got to learn about GSelector the backend of Zetta which was a big part of my role. In to my role addition I did a pre-recorded every Monday and Thursday at 12PM using Zetta Voicetrack. I also helped produce live shows what we did on Global's Make Some Noise Day!

I've also been helping fellow students start their own specialised shows. I also produced a pre-recorded show called Showstopper Sunday that went out every Sunday. I did the production, guided the presenter and also editing interviews when we had a guest such as Lisa Stokke who was the first Mamma Mia in the West End. I also helped the presenters of the specialist shows them understand GSelector from helping them create playlists to clocks and coding the songs. Teaching people was the best way to improve my skills and my understanding even more!

Philip Rowley in Youths Choice Studio


February 2018